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The 5 Step Plan that will change your life.

There has never been a better time to give up smoking, you'll save cash and feel better and be healthier.  That's three things we can guarentee if you quit smoking.

At click and quit we’ve designed an easy to understand and effective guide to smoking cessation.  We call it 'The 5 step plan' - The first step on a nicotine free life is to decide you want to give up and need a little help along the way.  That's where we come in, we've produced the 5 step plan through research, advice, guidance and feedback of those who have managed to quit.

5 Steps to Quitiing for good

Now it's your turn to give up and give up for good.  We're not saying it will be easy, to admit it will be hard is a good thing, the 5 step plan is your guiding hand.

The 5 step plan is 5 steps you need to take in giving up smoking.  You can travel at your own pace.    There's advice from the people who have given up.  We offer an insight into the tricks to avoid temptation and give you the advice to deal with cravings.

The 5 Step Plan includes...

The 5 Step PlanThe 5 step plan is an e-book saved as a handy PDF - it can be used on PC, Mac, Ipad, and any tablet PC as well as smart phones.

Download The 5 step plan for little more than a 20 pack of cigarettes and at just 6.99.  That's it!  No other costs, once you quit you'll start to save money.

 To download simply click on the product icon or the buy now button on this page.  We use Pay Pal for secure online payments.  You don't require an account just your card deatils.

What are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Start your new life today and 'Click and Quit' via the link below and Quit Smoking today!

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On our feeback page people share why they quit smoking. Check out the facts of smoking page to understand what you are doing to yourself when you lite up that cigerette. 



I tried so many times to give up - I've achieved it with the help of click and quit"  

Steve Thompson, Brighton, UK

"I can't believe how easy the steps were, I'll never go back"

 Lisa Williams, Whitley Bay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

"Trust a Brit to come up with this idea, but it works, I've given up from 40 a day"

Tom Saunders, Buffalo, USA

"It's giving up smoking made easy, five simple steps to a better life"

Claire Field, Kent, UK.



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